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Lerdge-X Heatbed expansion Module

Εξαρτήματα / LERDGE
16.10€ (Με ΦΠΑ : 19.96€)

If want to use Lerdge-X motherboard with heated bed, the heated bed adapter module and high-power heated bed module are required. Lerdge heated bed high-power expansion module, with unique snowflake heatsink design, has a great cooling effect. This high power module helps your 3D printer equipped with the Lerdge board become even more powerful. The module can solve the current load problem when the heated bed power is too large. Under the normal heat dissipation, the module can be stable long-term work when measured I (Max) = 30A. When using the module, the current should not exceed 30A. When using hot bed power greater than 150W, an external high power module is needed.

LERDGE-X 3D Printer Controller-Board ARM32Bit Mainboard

Εξαρτήματα / LERDGE
117.00€ (Με ΦΠΑ : 145.08€)

Among Lerdge 3D Printer boards, Lerdge-X is a highly integrated control board designed for the Small 3D Printers, Educational 3D Printers and Entry-level 3D Printers.


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